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Costume Corner


How did you decide who you’d like to be?

It’s always interesting to see the different costumes shooters and their partners wear at a shoot, and to speculate whether the outfits were chosen to fit a specific persona, or if an item had been seen, and the idea expanded from there.

How did you decide on your costume?

Crowbar and I attack this question from opposite directions....he knows what he wants to do, and then charms me into making the items, and I start by catching sight of something in an ‘op shop’ and adapting and fiddling around with it until it suits what I want it to be.

Where would we all be without those ‘Western specialists’, St Vinnies, Salvo’s and the like?

We find it quite fascinating that it is so often possible to shuffle down the rows of shirts; jackets etc., and find the perfect article to set off the train of an idea.

We are always impressed with the authentic costumes on show at each match, and all praise must go to those competitors who do such a wonderful job, but not everyone can afford to be so precise, and that is where the hunt comes in. Of course, if there are special conditions imposed on your chosen arena; make sure you have all the information to hand before you begin. There is nothing as frustrating as thinking you’ve got it all together perfectly, and finding out you can’t use certain buttons, or whatever.

I do tend to feel that the ladies have something of an easier time of it than the gents, as we can add frills or braid or flowers to almost anything we find, and can look like ladies sweeping about in full skirts, while the male of the species has not only to find a suitable shirt or pants etc., but in the case of alterations sweet talk someone else into doing the job. (To any men out there who sew their own outfits, my apologies!]

You’ll have noticed the general conventions involved? Brown hats for country types, black hats for grim gunfighters, light colours for the ‘good guys’ while the ladies however, can wear any darn colour they like, and still look good.

Some of the Ladies hats discovered in ‘op shops’ lend themselves very well to the period, with just the addition of a silky scarf or clump of flowers [no guys, not you] while of course the stall holders who attend the shoots have often done all the hard work for us, and been on the ‘op hunt’ first, and are always worth checking out.

If you have come to the sport with a definite character in mind, half the fun is in the costume and getting into the part, so if you can’t find what you need....ask around, there are some very good needlewomen (and Cowboys) in Single Action Shooting who are always more than willing to help you achieve THE LOOK.

Don’t forget the COSTUME PARADE at CHISHOLM TRAIL 09, We’ll see you there!
And if 08 was anything to judge by, there’ll be some fabulous dressers on attending.

Great Costume Planning...

Jinniebar and Crowbar

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