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You might say this all started in 1873 with Colt’s release of the Peacemaker. In the era of 1873 through to the 1890s the American west was unlike any other culture in the world. This time period is the premise for Cowboy Fast Draw. We use the best equipment available of the 1800’s single action revolvers and center fire cartridges. We are out to capture the feel of the Peacemaker in your hand, the smell of holster leather and the exhilaration of reacting as fast as you dare while remaining coolheaded enough to hit your mark as you compete head to head in classic Old west fashion. IN Cowboy Fast Draw we can find out how we would have shot in the 1800’s with gunfighter guns and rigs.

Cowboy Fast Draw L.L.C. is the newest and oldest shooting sport today. It is a timed sport using single action .45 caliber western style six shooters and it is as exciting as dropping the clutch on a dragster.

Ammunition:  CFD uses .45 caliber Long Colt cases with a maximum of six grains of black powder behind a wax pellet. or a .45 cartridge especially manufactured to accept a shotgun primer and wax pellet without propellant.

Firearms: Stock standard .45 Long Colt caliber single action revolvers with a minimum barrel length of 4.5” and with no external alterations other than smoothing the hammer knurling. Aluminium barrels or cylinders are disallowed. Front sights are optional.


Shooting Style: Thumbing and fanning is allowable however at the option of a match host only thumbing may be allowed. When drawing the trigger finger must be out of the trigger guard. The barrel of the revolver must be forward of the holster before discharge.

Holsters: Pre 1900 style. Steel liners are disallowed. Holsters must be worn on the side of the leg. Cross draw holsters are disallowed also.

Targets:  Targets are 24” round discs with a start light in the center. The target must measure 50” to the center from the ground. A standard target is pictured.

Time Clocks: Time clocks must be capable of measuring elapsed time to the thousandth of a second. Precision Shooting Timer, Smith-Hughes, Wes Allen, Fast Track and others are available and approved by CFDA.

Contests: These are conducted elimination style, two out of three shots per round. The standard contest will be double or triple elimination. There are three types of contest. Gunslinger which is conducted at 15 feet, Gunfighter conducted at 18 feet and Master Gunfighter at 21 feet. All State, National and World Championships are conducted at 21 feet.


More Information: For more information on how to get your club started with this exciting match contact the CFDA-Australian Chapter Chairman at

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