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So you want to be a Cowboy . . .

Well, welcome aboard as long as you can meet the following criteria:-

Mean Cowboy


You have to be . . .

Half panther, half grizzly, half gator and able to whip your weight in bob cats; able to out shoot, out fight and out drink any other hombre . . .

You have to be . . .

The meanest, toughest and most ornery gun toting varmint to ever step foot on the boardwalks of the Wlld West. . .

You have to be . . .

What's that you say?

You might have trouble fitting this description . . .

Well that's okay, just joking anyway.

To be totally serious though, there is one criteria that you will have to meet if you really want to be a Cowboy and register with SASS

Namely, you have to be prepared to have FUN. And I do mean FUN in bold, capital letters.

SASS is a fraternity. A fraternity of Cowboys and Cowgirls all partaking in the fastest growing shooting discipline in the world - Single Action Shooting. You are guaranteed to make life long trail partners within SASS.


Have a browse through this web site and discover a little bit about Single Action Shooting in Australia.

When you are ready to take the next step, find out where the nearest matches are held to you.

You will find visiting and partaking in a Single Action Shooting match very rewarding. And for those of you just starting out, remember everyone was a Tenderfoot at one time. You will find the SASS members both friendly and helpful. The transformation from Tenderfoot to bona fide Cowboy will take a little while and will require a commitment on your part, but you will find all the help you will need at your local club.

When you are ready to make the commitment click on the link below to join Single Action Shooting Society. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!




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