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Australia Map

New South Wales Matches up arrow

Bathurst Rangers 3rd Sunday Mean Mongrel Matt Mean Mongrel Matt Bathurst
Bushranger Creek Bunch 2nd Sunday Jones 02-4655-9643 Silverdale
C.A.S.S. (B/Powder) As Scheduled Mister Skye 0418-474-179 Newtech, Teralba
Condobolin Sharpshooters 1st & 3rd Saturday Curly Kid 02-6895-4540 Condobolin
Cudgegong Troopers 4th Sunday Carwell Kid 02-6379-4192 Mudgee
Drygulchers 1st Sunday Stoney Burke 02-6772-7750 Armidale
Newtexicans 3rd Sunday Dusty Fog 02-4956-8742 Teralba
Quarry Bunch 1st Sunday Dutch Henry 0418-248-693 Bowral
Urban Cowboys 3rd Wednesday Night Sodbuster 02-4735-5805 St Marys Indoor Range
Scone District Cowboys 1st Sunday El Tirado 02-6545-4192 Scone
S.C.M.L.C. Sackville B/P 1st Sunday David Mathers 02-9631-4092 Sackville
Silver City Regulators 4th Sunday Lucky Pierre 08-8087-3022 Broken Hill
Southern Regulators 2nd Sunday Brushy Bill Nowra
Syndicate Ridge Vigilantes 1st & 3rd Sunday Captain Ball 02-6655-2710 Bellingen
Tamworth Territorial Rangers 2nd Sunday Reverend Lightfoot Tamworth
The Cheyenne Shootists As Scheduled Dog Soldier Dog Soldier Scotts Head
Wingham Wranglers 2nd Sunday PM Wallaby Jack 0427-565-220 Taree
Majura Rangers 1st Saturday & 3rd Sunday Curdimurka Canberra - ACT
Territory Regulators - ACT 4th Weekend Trooper 02-6251-4802 Canberra - ACT

Northern Territory Matches up arrow

Territory Rangers F/nightly Sundays Apache Bob 08-8945-5070 Mickett Creek

Queensland Matches up arrow

Biloela 4th Saturday Yukon Mort & Kat Ballou Biloela
Cactus Canyon Cowboys 2nd Saturday Rusty Barrels 07-4973-7625 Gladstone
Cairns City Cowboys Fortnightly Saturday Trooper Al 0438-357-357 Cairns
Crows Nest Outlaws 1st Sunday Doit Daily 0427-741-340 Crows Nest
Dalby Pioneers 4th Sunday "H" 07-4662-3804 Dalby
Gold Coast Gamblers 1st Sat & Sun, 3rd & 5th Sat Dug Deeper 0413-440-600 or 0413-440-602 Gold Coast
Gympie Claim Jumpers 2nd Sunday Outlaw James 07-5481-6511 Gympie
High Range Drifters 2nd & 4th Sunday Rusty Ranger Rusty Ranger Hervey Range, Townsville
Inglewood SAS Shooters 2nd Sunday   Inglewood,
Last Frontier (The) 1st & 4th Sunday The Sheriff 07-5484-6298 Gunalda
Longhorn Gully C.A. 3rd Saturday Doctor Death 07-4959-1787 Mackay
Maddens Rangers 2nd Saturday, 4th Wed Evening Johnny Behan Brisbane,
Murrumba Marshals 3rd Sunday Will Penny 0417-751-044 Caboolture,
Northfield Cowboys Fortnightly Sunday Dakota Dawn Dakota Dawn Mareeba
Ripley County Regulators

2nd Friday Night (7:00pm)

4th Saturday (4:00pm)

Duke Cannon

El Hombre



Ripley, Ipswich
Redoubt Outfit 2nd, Saturday. LRR Sunday Spikey Jake Kingaroy, QLD
Southwest Quarry Gang 2nd Sunday R. C. Shot 0428-987-263 Dalby
Tiaro Colonials 2nd Sun Mungo 0414-377-225 Tiaro

South Australian Matches up arrow

Frontier Shooting Club 1st,3rd,5th Saturday Bear Paw Bear Paw Adelaide
Kenton Valley P&SC 1st Sunday Chris Bowie 08-8568-2117 Kenton Valley
Mt. Gambier Club As Scheduled El Condor 08-8725-1360 Mt. Gambier
Salt Bush Flats Regulators 2nd Sunday Tombstone Terry 08-8649-1344 Whyalla

Tasmanian Matches up arrow

Southern Roughriders 2nd Sat & 4th Sunday Jack Daniels 0458-220-300 St Helens
Westbury Pistol Club 3rd Sunday

Grizzly Adams


Victorian Matches up arrow

Bendigo Bushrangers 2nd Sunday each month JayBird JayBird Bendigo
Border Vigilantes 2nd Sunday & 4th Saturday Diamond Rose 03-5024-2128 Mildura
Cashmore Cowpokes 1st Sunday Jake Lonergan Jake Lonergan Portland
El Dorado Regulators 1st Sunday James (Virge) Earp Oakleigh
Homewood Outlaws 1st & 3rd Saturday Noble Adams 0419-324-404 Strat Creek
Flint Hill Prospectors As Scheduled Judge Ruger 0418-383-299 Ararat
Fort Bridger 4th Sunday Long Haired Jim Drouin
Little River Raiders 3rd Sunday Lazy Dave Little River
Mt. Rowan Rangers 4th Saturday Squizzy 03-5342-8400 Ballarat
The Peacemakers 1st & 3rd Saturday Heck Thomas Bairnsdale
Westgate Marauders 2nd Sunday Stampede Pete Port Melbourne
Wickham Bush Rangers As Scheduled Rus Ler 03-5565-4222 Warrnambool
Wiski Mountain Rangers 1st Sunday Caretaker 0414-383-845 Melton
Yarra Valley Rangers 3rd Sunday Bill Tilghman Dixons Creek

West Australian Matches up arrow

Albany Club Monthly Sundays Apache 08-9840-9236 Bedfordale
Canning Vaqueros Fortnightly Sundays Mystic Megg Canning
Gleneagles Rustlers Fortnightly Sundays John Wesley Hardin Gleneagles
Jarrahdale Fortnightly Sundays Charo 08-9458-6684 Jarrahdale


National and International Matches up arrow

19th DUEL DOWNUNDER - New Zealand -v- Australia - 2018

Feb 14 - 18, 2018
Trinity & Ruby
Trinity and Ruby Hokitika, SI, N.Z.
WINTER RANGE - 2018 USA National Championships
Feb 19 - 25 , 2018 Sunshine Kay Sunshine Kay Phoenix, AZ, USA
Trinity & Ruby
Trinity and Ruby New Plymouth , NZ
REVENGE OF MONTEZUMA 2018 Jun 15 - 17, 2018 Stumbleleena Cortez, CO - USA


Jun14 - 24, 2018 Virgil Earp

Albuquerque, NM, USA.

TBA. 2018
Trinity & Ruby
Trinity and Ruby Nelson, NZ
Victorian State & Greater Vic Territorial Championships - 2018` Mar 09 - 12 , 2018 Dallas Roarke Dallas Roarke Bendigo, VIC
12th Dalby Open- 2018 - Pioneer Muster Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2018 Mr.& Mrs.H H & Mrs H Dalby, QLD
Women of The West - 2018 Apr 20 - 22, 2018 Kitty Pearl Marlow Range, NSW
5th SA Long Range Rifle State Championships 2018 - "Quigley Downunder" TBA, 2018 Billy Dixon Billy Dixon Wyalkatchem,, WA
SSAA Queensland State Championships - 2018 May 4 - 6, 2018 El Hombre El Hombre Millmerran, QLD
SSAA N.S.W. State Wild Bunch Championships 2018 May 5 - 6, 2018 Dutch Henry 0418-248-693 Bowral, NSW
Bail Up At Black Swamp Creek 2018 May 26 - 27, 2018 Mungo Mungo Tiaro, QLD
SSAA W. A. State Championships 2018 Jun 2 - 3, 2018 Billy Dixon Billy Dixon SDRC, WA
SSAA N.S.W. State Championships 2018 Jun 9 - 11, 2018 Dutch Henry 0418-248-693 Bowral, NSW
Jinghi Valley Rednecks Annual 2018 - Shoot Em Up in The Sticks Jun 15 - 18, 2018 Sir Kim Sizer Jandowae, QLD
Biloela Cowboy Creek Shootout 2018 Jun 23 - 24, 2018 Yukon Mort 0427-076-442 Biloela, QLD
4th Queensland Plainsman Championships - 2018 Jul 13 - 15, 2018 Waddy Waddy Calliope, QLD
South East Heartland Territorial and Another Roll Of The Dice 2018 - KINGS & QUEENS Jul 26 - 28 ,2018 Duke Canon Gold Coast, QLD

19th Northfield Memorial & 16th Far Northern Territorial Champs 2018.

Aug 10 - 12, 2018 Dakota Dawn Dakota Dawn Mareeba, N.QLD
SSAA Sth .Aust. State Championships 2018 Aug 18 - 19, 2018 Ace McKenzie Ace McKenzie Frontier S.C. Virginia, SA
Qld SASA Blackpowder Champs 2018 - TBA, 2018 Will Penny Will Penny Murrumba, QLD
Buffalo Camp 2018 TBA, 2018 Charlie Goodnight Charlie Goodnight Marlow Range , NSW
SSAA ACT Single Action Championships 2018 Oct 26 - 28, 2018 Lightning Jack Kane Lightning Jack Kane Majura ACT
20th Chisholm Trail 2018 Open National Championships Sept 24 - 30, 2018 Frank James Frank James Millmerran, QLD
The 22nd Gunfight at the OK Corral - 2018 TBA, 2018 Deadwood Deadwood Eagle Park, VIC
Hold The Fort - 12th Hell West & Central Territorial Championships 2018 Nov 10 - 11 , 2018 Spikey Jake Kingaroy, QLD

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